DC Parade Rehearsals:

  1. Tuesday, May 17 - 6:00*-8:00 pm
  2. Wednesday, May 18 - 6:00*-800 pm
  3. Thursday, May 19 - 6:00*-8:00 pm
  4. Wednesday, May 25 - 6:00*-8:00 pm
  5. Thursday, May 26 - 6:00*-8:00 pm
*Be on the HS field at 6:00 pm , so arrive considerably earlier

Our Annual Performing Arts Awards Dinner & Dance is Back!!!!!!!!

  • What is it? -  It's our performing arts (band, chorus, orchestra, theater) end-of-year celebration dinner.  Kind of our own "mini-prom"
  • What do we do there?We dress up, gather together, eat dinner, enjoy the awards presentations, then...Dance to great DJ music for the rest of the night
  • When is it? - Wednesday evening, June 1st from 6:00-10:00 pm
  • Where is it? - The Fort Lee DoubleTree Hotel on Route 4
  • Who goes? - Members of the performing arts department (see above)
  • How much does it cost?$45.00 per person. Payable only by check or money order made out to: The Fort Lee Board of Education
  • By when do we have to pay? No later than Friday, May 27th.
  • To whom do I give the check/money order?  - Your director (Band - Mr. Welte,  Chorus - Mr. Picone,  Orchestra - Ms. Stephenson,  Theater - Madame Etra)
  • Do we have to go?No, but it's a really fun night! You don't want to miss it

Check your band uniform 

Everyone needs to check their band uniform (including shoes!) for fit. The last time we used them was on October 31st and there's a good chance that some of you have grown since then.


Dates to know - Dates to remember...

  • Saturday, May 28-Monday, May 30:  National Memorial Day Parade.
  • Wednesday, June 1:  The Annual FLHS Performing Arts Awards Dinner & Dance held at the Fort Lee DoubleTree hotel. This is our (band, chorus, orchestra, theater & winter guard) chance to celebrate and honor our outstanding performers. Dinner & DJ Dancing for all!

Community Service Hours Earned through Band

As a member of the Fort Lee HS Band & Marching Band, you have earned or will will earn the following community service hours for this school year:

  • Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Performance at the LFCMS -  was 10 hours
  • Annual HS/MS Band Day on April 8, 2022 -  will be 10 hours
  • National Memorial Day Parade, May 28-30, 2022 - will be 40 hours

Please put in your hours via the Team MobileServe App and I will then verify them.

Sleep-Away Marching Band Camp  is back!

  • Camp will take place from August 14 - 20
  • We'll return to Camp Lokanda  in the Catskill Mountains
  • Sunday, August 14 will be arrival day at Lokanda. We'll depart  from FLHS in the early afternoon
  • Saturday, August 20 will be departure day from  Lokanda. We'll depart mid-morning
Please plan accordingly. 


Lessons                   Week of: May 9-13, 2022 

Period  Mon














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