Please have "Storm" memorized for the drill rehearsal. We'll be marching and playing, so it will have to be memorized at least up until bar 41. All returning band members will be expected to have the memorization complete. Freshmen & new band members, please do the best you can.

Flutes, please bring both your face shield and a paper (surgical style) mask to every rehearsal for the time being. 


On Saturdays, we'll be  learning the drill for our 2020 show. Please be ready on the field no later than 15 minutes prior the start of your rehearsal block.  Everyone must have the following in his/her possession:

  • Your 3-Three Ring Binder with enough clear page holders to hold the first few pages of the drill
  • A comfortable lanyard long enough to hang your binder over your shoulder or around your neck
  • Two highlighters. One yellow, One pink
  • Your COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form, filled out including temperature BEFORE you arrive 

We'll all need to be extremely focused, attentive and ready to work hard in order to make this season successful. It's up to you.

There is new, updated marching band calendar (4.0) available in the files section below. It reflects necessary changes due to sharing the HS field with our fall sports teammates. Please download and save for your records. 

Our third and final piece of music is posted in the files section below. It's "Hymn of Axciom". Please download and begin practicing. Here is the link for the YouTube video of the recording:

Wind/Percussion Lessons

Every band member must join the Google Classroom page for Wind/Percussion Lessons.  I'm using this Google Classroom page as a means of strengthening the communication regarding our usual pullout lessons.  To the new band members, understand that this is not another class. Wind/Percussion Lessons are the same type of lesson schedule you had in the middle school. Please don't worry about it.  The code is:  am4wfoc

Side 1 Ensemble (39):

Flute/Piccolo: Dea Bauta, Lucy Lee, Sophia Yoon, Juna Kim, Madison Oh, Janice Kim, Yoonseo Choi, Chaeyeon Joo

Clarinet: Brandon Chen, Ryan Choi, Mateja Rapaic, John Hwang, Jerlin Yuen, Yoonjung Choi, Gerri Zhou

Saxophone: Maxim Chpectorov, Richard Huang, Thomas Chung, Lucas Zhang

Trumpet:  Nicholas Lo, Jordhen Finamori, Rena Kim, Christopher Lee, Alex Aquino, Nagi Aboushaca

Mellophone: Yubin Rachel Choi, Roy Ju, Maya Lee, Joelle Park, Jiwoon Jung, Julia Yoon

Baritone:  Grace Hong, Aiden Kern, Janice Chung, Feihong Wang, Arik Motiani, Eric Cho

Tuba:  Briana Cintron, Franklin Li, Stanley Hsu

Side 2 Ensemble (40):

Flute/Piccolo: Raina Kang, Joie Woon, Rachel Choi, Sofia Park, Anna Kang, Hinako Yokohagi, Yeju Lee

Clarinet:  Noah Oh, Phillip Son, Hyoju Lee, Tiffany Kim, Susie Ju, Amir Riahinezhad, David Shin

Saxophone:  Abigail Fearon, Lloyd Sungjin Seo, Elliot Seo, Daniel Park

Trumpet:  Andy Lee, Aiden Park, David Hur, Alice Koveshnikov, William Lee, Jesse Oh, Jaewoo Park

Mellophone:  Isaiah Hong, Rachel Kim, Grace Choe, Kalei Castillo, Esther Yugi Lee

BaritoneErin Kato, Eric Woo, Keizo Katayama, Ashley Chin, Jenny Ye, Randy Kim

TubaAlexandra Lee, Joy Kim, Samuel Park



Everyone must continue to bring the COVID-19 Pre-Screening forms. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE AT HOME and write it on the form before you arrive at rehearsal. We'll still be taking your temp, but you'll need both!

Lessons                          Week of: 

Period  Mon















Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
August 30, no eventsAugust 31, no eventsSeptember 01, no eventsSeptember 02, no eventsSeptember 03, no eventsSeptember 04, no eventsSeptember 05, no events
September 06, no eventsSeptember 07, no eventsSeptember 08, no eventsSeptember 09, no eventsSeptember 10, no eventsSeptember 11, no eventsSeptember 12, no events
September 13, no eventsSeptember 14, no eventsSeptember 15, no eventsSeptember 16, no eventsSeptember 17, no eventsSeptember 18, no eventsSeptember 19, no events
September 20, no eventsSeptember 21, no eventsSeptember 22, no eventsSeptember 23, no eventsSeptember 24, no eventsSeptember 25, no eventsToday, September 26, no events
September 27, no eventsSeptember 28, no eventsSeptember 29, no eventsSeptember 30, no eventsOctober 01, no eventsOctober 02, no eventsOctober 03, no events