Don't forget  your uniform for tomorrow.  It'll be the same procedure as last week.  Those of you, who purchased new shoes may pick them up before rehearsal. White show gloves and FLHS Marching Bridgemen fleeces will be distributed as well.

Time Change for Tuesday and Wednesday Music Blocks:

This change will be remain for the remainder of the season due to the necessity of avoiding overlap with the football practices.

Tuesdays - ALL BRASS, 5:45 - 8:15 pm
Wednesdays - ALL WOODWINDS, BATTERY, PIT & GUARD (in separate areas), 5:45 - 8:15 pm

The FULL DRILL for "Hymn of Acxiom" is now in the files section below. It's titled "Full Ballad" on pg. 3.  Please download and print everything you need, including your coordinate sheet. You may use the zoom version as it's easier to read.

Saturday Rehearsals/Video Shoots, October 10 – 31

·      Full band. No separate blocks – ALL band members socially distanced

·      Students arrive before 12:30 pm for check-in and temperature check

·      Rehearsal stretch & warm-up begins precisely at 1:00 pm

·      Drill/Music block begins at 1:15 pm

·      Drill/Music block ends at 4:15 pm

·     Break (quick snack & get into uniform) 4:15-4:45 pm

·      Focus warm-up 5:00pm

·      Competition Video shoot 5:10-5:40 pm

·      Full dismissal between 5:40-6:00 pm

We’ll shoot video performances for virtual competitions/adjudication every Saturday, which will be submitted to Tournament of Bands for judging for the following Saturday. All competition videos must be submitted to TOB by the Wednesday preceding the comp date.

In case of rain on any of the above shooting days, we will reschedule the shoot for either Sunday, Monday or Tuesday following the rained-out Saturday as we must submit by the Wednesday before the Saturday competition day.

Here’s an example:

Ø Shoot the performance video on 10/10, due by 10/14 for judging on 10/17

Ø Should it rain on 10/10, we’ll check the weather and reschedule the video shoot for the next best available day prior to the Wednesday deadline

Ø This will allow us three more days to still shoot and submit if we get rained out on any Saturday

Video shoot on 10/10 for comp on 10/17

Video shoot on 10/17 for comp on 10/24

Video Shoot on 10/24 for comp on 10/31

Video Shoot on 10/31 for comp on 11/7



The animation of the drill for storm can be found at this link:

The full drill for "Storm" (both color and black & white) is in the files section, below. The full coordinate sheets are there as well.

Wind/Percussion Lessons

Every band member must join the Google Classroom page for Wind/Percussion Lessons.  I'm using this Google Classroom page as a means of strengthening the communication regarding our usual pullout lessons.  To the new band members, understand that this is not another class. Wind/Percussion Lessons are the same type of lesson schedule you had in the middle school. Please don't worry about it.  The code is:  am4wfoc

Lessons                          Week of: 

Period  Mon















Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
September 27, no eventsSeptember 28, no eventsSeptember 29, no eventsSeptember 30, no eventsOctober 01, no eventsOctober 02, no eventsOctober 03, no events
October 04, no eventsOctober 05, no eventsOctober 06, no eventsOctober 07, no eventsOctober 08, no eventsOctober 09, no eventsOctober 10, no events
October 11, no eventsOctober 12, no eventsOctober 13, no eventsOctober 14, no eventsOctober 15, no eventsOctober 16, no eventsOctober 17, no events
October 18, no eventsOctober 19, no eventsOctober 20, no eventsOctober 21, no eventsOctober 22, no eventsOctober 23, no eventsOctober 24, no events
October 25, no eventsToday, October 26, no eventsOctober 27, no eventsOctober 28, no eventsOctober 29, no eventsOctober 30, no eventsOctober 31, no events