This Week...

1. Wednesday Evening, 9/27- Drill, HS 5:45 - 7:30 pm  (early dismissal to attend college fair)
2. Thursday Evening, 9/28 - Home Football Game v Ridgefield Park. Report time, 4:30 pm, MS music rooms. [Black Bib, Black Shoes]
3. Saturday, 9/30, Drill, HS 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
4. Sunday, Competition #2 at JP Stevens HS in Edison, NJ.  Report time, 8:00 am. Bus/Truck      departure 10:00 am. [White Bib, White Shoes]


Attention ALL members of the FLHS Marching Bridgemen Family:

I'm reaching out to both students and parents of the marching band for assistance with getting more help for the 2017 marching season. We desperately need more parental volunteers at competitions.  As of now, we have a wonderful core of parents, who do everything in their power to help us achieve success. Unfortunately, we don't have enough helpers to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  The more parents/helpers we get, the easier everyone's job will be. We need truck drivers, loaders, golf-cart drivers, food providers and help moving equipment on to and off of the performance field. Here are the days/dates:

Sunday, October 1
Sunday, October 8
Saturday, October 14
Sunday, October 22
Saturday, October 28
Saturday, November 4

I always say "many hands make light work" because the more people we have, the easier every individual's job will be. Every parent/family member doesn't have to come to every single competition, but we do need enough volunteers at each one so that every competition can run smoothly. Please, please, please help!

Mr. W

Pep-Band Personnel for 2017 Football Season:

Flute/Piccolo – Christine Yim, Sara Han, Cynthia Choo
Clarinet – Jiheon Kim, Jueun Lee, Emily Wong
Alto Sax – Seungmin Lee, Dean Ju, Andrew Kim
Tenor Sax – Anthony Joo
Trumpet – Nagi Aboushaca, Jessica Yoon, Shuzo Katayama, Ryan Chen, Daniel Park
Mellophone – Hannah Lee, Christina Kang, Sumin Kim
Baritone – Nikki Jin, Michael Choe, Ju Young Park
Tuba – Joyce Choi
Snare – Danny Yagudayev
Tenor – Christopher Pyo
Bass – Daniela Gomez
Cymbal – Calyx Ryu
Conductor – Alex Kovalev or Kotaro Oi

Officer Responsibilities for moving front ensemble and field equipment

Synthesizer - Jessica, Shuzo
Concert Bass Drum - Kotaro
Chimes - Aoi, Suzuka, Caroline
Glock - Aleksander
Aux Rack - Sarah, Jueun
Microphone/Speaker Cart - Michael C
Conductor's Tower - Dean, Kevin
Gong - Hannah L
Timpani/Cart - Nicholas, Jaden

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